Physiotherapy for Businesses
It is a legal requirement for employers to carry out workstation assessments (Health and Safety Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992) and good ergonomic practices should encourage greater efficiency and performance from staff with a reduction in absence and higher morale.

There are also legal duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and Manual Handling Operations Regulations (1992 - amended) in which employers are obliged to provide training, assessment, and safe systems of work to ensure the health, safety and welfare at work of employees as far as reasonably practicable where manual handling activities are carried out.

There are high costs associated with staff absence. The financial costs to employers can include sick pay, costs of temporary staff cover, potential new recruitment costs, low staff morale, possible legal and compensation cases, reduction in productivity, increased risk of errors and injuries with potential impact on insurance premiums.

The costs to injured staff through poor work practice or posture disorders are also high and can pose a high financial cost, lower morale, threaten future work opportunities and prospects and can have a major impact on home and family life.

County Physio Ltd is keen to work with local businesses to provide a 1st class service to reduce work-related injury and increase efficiency amongst staff.

County Physio Ltd can help employers to fulfil their legal responsibilities and help to maintain staff health and wellbeing.

County Physio Ltd for Occupational Health Physiotherapy: Specialist provision of on-site assessment and training in Ergonomics such as individual workstation assessment, posture correction and advice, back-care awareness classes or group manual handling training sessions.

Aspects covered can include:
  • Work station / VDU assessments and recommendations.
  • Ergonomic assessment, training and advice.
  • Posture awareness and advice.
  • Manual handling training for carers, support staff, nurses, or anyone involved in delivering care and assistance for people with mobility and independence difficulties.
  • Manual handling risk assessments and recommendations to reduce work-related hazards.
  • On-site physiotherapy treatment.
  • Telephone helpline and advice.
All Occupational Health Physiotherapy services can be customised specifically to suit individual circumstances.

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