Back Pain

There are many causes of back pain, but although acute back pain can be extremely painful, fortunately most resolve quickly with timely advice and treatment. We are able to see clients very quickly, often the same day, so there is no need to suffer in silence.

Most cases of back pain are commonly grouped together as ‘mechanical low back pain’ and our expert physiotherapists will be able to exclude any serious problems and deal with symptoms effectively.

Back pain can be due to many causes and our physiotherapists will be able to work out the cause and treat it accordingly.

It may be a muscular problem, work or posture-related, joint pain, a disc problem or even a Sacro-iliac joint dysfunction which is generally easy to put right.

With some back problems, sciatic symptoms arise which can cause pain and odd sensations into the leg. It is very seldom serious, but our health professionals will be able to explain what is causing them and have the knowledge and experience to treat this effectively and also when to refer people for further investigations if needed.

We do not believe in prolonging treatment unnecessarily as it is important for people with back pain to be able to manage their symptoms effectively with the right advice and treatment, without becoming unduly anxious which can add to their perception of pain.

We believe strongly that educating people on their particular back issues will prevent exacerbation of symptoms, and with a mixture of treatment modalities such as manual therapy techniques, strengthening and advice, people should be able to continue as normal and we encourage a pro-active attitude to ensure good outcomes.

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