Neck Pain

Neck pain is extremely common and can be caused by several factors such as muscle tension, joint inflammation, arthritic conditions or injury.

Muscle strain or tension is a common cause of neck pain and is easily treated by any of the expert physiotherapists or massage therapists. It may be due to build of strain and tension in the muscles, general poor posture, work-related postures, certain sleeping positions or sudden movement and over-stretching.

Sometimes pain can radiate to parts of the arm and occasionally people can experience unpleasant pins and needles or even numbness. This often occurs if there is joint inflammation or arthritis in the joints of the neck and can be successfully diagnosed and treated by physiotherapy.

Whiplash injuries can occur after a car accident or any sudden deceleration force to the neck. Physiotherapy can be very successful in treating these injuries.

Our experienced physiotherapists will help to diagnosis the problem and offer the correct advice and treatment for all types of neck pain and injury.

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