Balance and Vestibular Disorders

Balance problems can arise from poor biomechanics, muscle weakness, general infirmity or vestibular issues.

Muscle bulk declines in the 4th decade and accelerates by the 6th decade and is a major cause of falls in the elderly population. It is vitally important to remain active and to exercise regularly to help in the maintenance of a healthy body and minimise the potential risk of falls.

The physiotherapists can offer a programme of exercises to help with falls prevention and our very experienced Occupational Therapist can offer excellent advice on measures that can be taken within the home to reduce falls risk.

Vestibular problems also cause balance difficulties and the physiotherapists at County Physio are trained and experienced to provide a vestibular rehabilitation programme to minimise risks and ease symptoms which can be very unpleasant.

For help with a strengthening programme or vestibular rehab, please call County Physio on 01620 825380.